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Disclaimer GunTV will try to offer any item from Gun Tv site for less than the price from the competitor. GunTv has the sole right to determine what discount will be offered, if any. It shall be GunTv's sole discretion if a free bonus will be included in your purchase.


Make sure items are identical.

Here are the RULES for discount Matching.  We can only try to offer a discount wherein the following occurs.

  • Item must be identical and from the SAME manufacturer. 

  • Products being sold on competitor websites must include ALL shipping charges and the details of the item.

  • Discount is offered BEFORE the order is placed; we do not discount orders after they are made.

  • We reserve the right to decline the transaction at our sole discretion or any time during the transaction. 

  • Customers must buy the discounted items within 1 day of the receiving discounted price for the matched item.

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